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Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Just something else I want to teach idea what I'm doing, but love trying new things so here goes a brief intro before I start to tap away.'s me, Cindy, the chatty South African mum

living in the UK, doing beauty and chats from the salon in the garden.

Why start a blog?

Well, the short answer is to leave a legacy for my kids...the long answer is a bit sad, and a bit happy.

Some of you might be aware that my mom died in 2016. she was only 58. I have inserted a lovely pic of her below, taken my my daughter, Chloe' on one of the many occasions she was looking after her.

It was a shock and a heart breaking tragedy. Of course it's pretty obvious what I have mother, my confidant, my shopping partner, my kids granny, the buffer between myself and my brother, the cog that turns the wheel of our extended family.

But what is not that clear, is what I have lost that I don't know and will never be able to find out, or dig up - no matter how many conversations I have with her friends, and my aunties.

What were her biggest challenges raising me? What was I like as a teenager? Was I a healthy baby? When did I learn to read?

How did she feel about my father? Did she have any regrets?

All the questions I thought I had all the time in the world to ask.

I want my kids to have the answers.

So that's why I am documenting my thoughts, plans, experiences...Chloe' and Jack can come here one day and very literally, reference what was in my head. Let's hope they will never need to. So, a bit of sad, but hopefully mostly happy. Wish me luck xx

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